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Have your main Qualification/training certificate, Paediatric first aid certificate (child carers), Travel document and Police check certificate ready to upload, so we can let Employers know we have semi pre- vetted you.

Step 4.

Personally, introduce yourself to potential Employers and speed-up the hiring process by creating a 60 seconds video introduction.

With digital technologies being used more in the hiring & selection of new employees, having an introduction video on your profile is a great way to build rapport with clients looking for talent.

It can seem like a difficult task, more so if you are shy and reserved, but we’ve created a script and simple step by step instructions to help you create a top-notch introduction video


  • Qualified and or trained (certificate required)
  • 3 years minimum experience working in professional households – no gaps in employment with checkable references.
  • Enhanced Police check (certificate required)
  • Paediatric First Aid trained if working with children (certificate required)
  • Identification – travel document (copy required)


  • Documents are encrypted & stored in our secure storage facility.
  • Only the vetting consultant who adheres to our strict guidelines can see the actual document.
  • Icons are displayed by each profile to show Employers which document has been verified and stored. We do not share your documents without your permission.
  • Employers can click on the icon to learn about the document title, when it was issued/expires & country obtained.
  • Each profile is given a profile ID number. We do not disclose names or other personal details such as date of birth, emails/phone numbers.
  • has an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate installed. It allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Typically used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, logins